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Holistic Development

G.D. Goenka Public School, Kanpur is one of the few schools in the country which has a structured holistic curriculum incorporating all areas of growth essential for children. The overall development of children is the core focus of all activities at the school. Following are the areas we concentrate on:

The basic goal of the holistic development curriculum is to:

We believe that every child comes with his own set of skills, if enhanced can aid him in excelling in those areas in later life.

Cognitive Development

At G.D. Goenka Public School, Kanpur children are provided with the best learning environment to aid their intellectual and cognitive growth. With some of the best teachers in the country, interactive smart board equipped classrooms, computer labs, world class library and much more. To provide children the right boost for maximum learning and development.

Activities are performed to enhance their cognitive domains

Aesthetic Development

The trained professionals in various fields of Music (Indian/Instrumental) & Dance forms (Classical/Folk/Contemporary) train & provide opportunities to the young Goenkan artists to learn & perform and create words of happiness. We encourage students to identify with these art forms and explore opportunities of expressions at the Art Room. At G.D. Goenka Public School, activities are designed to foster artistic expression & creativity. An assortment of Art & Craft related activities are offered to the students to inculcate an 'Artistic Temperament'. The art work of students is regularly displayed within the school and other Art exhibitions to motivate the young artists.

Social Development

Social Welfare Activities are conducted on regular basis to create awareness for being social and inherit the need for social responsibility towards Family, School, Nation, Environment, and Relatives etc

Physical Development

At G.D. Goenka Public School, Kanpur. we strongly believe that a healthy mind needs a healthy body to function efficiently. Great emphasis is given to sports and a large number of activities and games are pursued during school hours. To name a few we have Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Taekwondo, Skating, Football, Basketball, Volley ball. The indoor activities include Table Tennis, chess, Yoga Aerobics & other board games Swimming, Steam, Sauna and Horse-riding continue to amuse the children as they wait for those moments of thrill and excitement while learning to master them. The school also organises special summer classes during vacations and the Goenkans savored every moment it. The school has been providing a comprehensive exposure to the students to acquaint them with the basic knowledge of different sports, be it swimming, steam and sauna or horse-riding. Who knows, we may have little Goenkans turning into future winners in the world of sports.

Our sports faculty comprises highly talented and qualified coaches and Physical Education trainers with the knack for bringing the best out of their pupils. And, for us, it is not just about leisure, but also about nurturing your child's dream of carving a career in the field of sports.

The students who are selected for the School team represent the school at the Council meets, Indian Public School Conference (IPSC) meets, invitational competitions held by various schools, District, State and National levels (if selected). The school team also occasionally tours schools in India and abroad to play friendly matches and gain valuable experience and exposure.