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It's completely free (even if a donation is appreciated)
Camera slideshow provides many options to customize your project as more as possible
Camera slideshow provides many options to customize your project as more as possible
It uses a light version of jQuery mobile, navigate the slides by swiping with your fingers
Camera slideshow provides many options to customize your project as more as possible
Camera slideshow provides many options to customize your project as more as possible
It's completely free (even if a donation is appreciated)
Camera slideshow provides many options to customize your project as more as possible
Registrations open for session 2019-20 for admissions in PG to 9 & 11

A Legacy of Excellence: The G.D.Goenka Education Group

It all started with a dream. A glorious vision to create an ambience conducive to creative learning. An innovative direction towards providing global education with its feet firmly grounded in the Indian soil. A humble endeavor to touch the grandest heights of excellence in education. A school with a difference!

A school that became a trendsetter in facilities and its gamut of opportunities.

The G.D. Goenka Group, is a leading educational setup driven by a passion for excellence in education and quality in life, where Globalization and Internationalization are the buzz words .A galaxy of educational institutions from pre-schools to post graduate institutes, with world class infrastructure, salubrious and well maintained Wi-Fi enabled campuses, well equipped libraries and Hi tech laboratories, dedicated and seasoned academics to support an ideal and conducive environment for providing education that can be benchmarked against the best in the world.

It's a philosophy of treating each child in a sensitive manner and providing appropriate developmental progammes so as to encourage not just learning but also the love of learning. It is also based on providing an environment that is safe, clean, healthy and child-oriented. An environment where classrooms are arranged in a manner that it offers challenging play and learning choices at a range of developmental levels. Activity areas are designed where children are allowed to explore, experience, and most importantly succeed.

Over the years, the schools have established a name for themselves as one of the finest in Delhi and possibly in the whole of India as a trend-setter in providing quality education through the latest in educational aids & equipment and amenities. The school is one of its kinds and proudly boasts of many firsts like the 1st yellow bus, 1st centrally air-conditioned school, 1st to introduce Mineral Water Dispensers and the most hi-tech gym with Life Fitness equipment which was set up in 2000. These facilities, increase efficiency, protect children of tender age from air & noise pollution and the highest standards in hygiene, safety & security.


Our mission is to become the number one school in Kanpur that is a preferred choice for parents and students alike. We will do this by centering all our efforts onto providing the children with the very best of facilities and resources and helping them grow up to their full potential. We aim to provide maximum learning experiences to help children grow in all areas- be it physical, intellectual, moral or social.


Our vision is to provide value based education that is globally benchmarked with the best in the world. Our endeavor is to grow our students into aesthetically rich, intellectually aware and well grounded individuals, capable of fulfilling their dreams and aspirations and contributing positively to society.

Mission Statement

The school will undertake over the course of next three years, several small-scale projects, aimed at promoting Technology-Aided-Learning (TAL), scientific temper, scientific reasoning and increased application of science concepts acquired during regular curricular learning procedures to issues of general usefulness to society such as conservation of renewable and non-renewable resources and climate change at the global level.

Chairman G.D. Goenka Group

Chairman G.D. Goenka Group, headed by Chairman, Mr. A.K.Goenka was established in 1982, has had varied interests in the fields of Real estate, Educational institutions, Travel & Tourism, Polyester buttons, Garments & other exports. And the proverbial woman behind the successful man is Mrs. Renu Goenka who looks into every detail and provides that touch of the extraordinary which make the Institutions the unique institutions that they are.

Mr Anjani Kumar Goenka has been a successful businessman and has achieved a lot in areas like real estate, grain and garment exports, travel and tourism and many more. A revolutionary entrepreneur, Mr A.K.Goenka has made a valuable contribution to both business as well as education. His constant endeavour to upgrade and improvise has revolutionized the way most business houses function.

Mr Goenka has always taken keen interest in the field of education. He soon realized that education holds the key to a developed India. He believes that education should not be limited to simply imparting knowledge. Education must teach people to become independent thinkers. It must ignite a desire to acquire knowledge. It must prepare students for life. For this we must take education beyond the walls of the classroom. We must train our students to become responsible citizens not only of India but of the world. Globalization has opened innumerable opportunities and we must train our students to lead the nation in such a new world.

Mr Goenka believes in maintaining the highest standards in terms of quality. Consequently the name G.D. Goenka has become synonymous with world class infrastructure and facilities. All schools under this group are equipped with the best teachers, sports facilities, classrooms, laboratories and transport facilities. A safe learning environment with world class facilities....What more could one ask for? Such a unique system of education has revolutionized education in our country taking India into the global arena and providing a platform where schools of other countries can actually learn from us.

Chairman, NRI Educational Society (G D Goenka Public School, Kanpur)

The destiny of a society lies in its children. It is for us to provide our children a safe and secure and a good environment, at the same time, equip them with the ability to face tough and unknown challenges and surmount adversity. Education is the only component for building, enhancing and enriching our future generations.

Mr Chandan Aggarwal's dream and vision for building a world class school in Kanpur led him to partner with the famous G.D.Goenka Group from Delhi. Bestowing their trust in Mr Aggarwal's capabilities, the G.D.Goenka Trust is also proud to be opening it's first school in Kanpur.

A gold medalist from NMIMS University, Mumbai where he did his post graduate MBA and an award winning student from Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration , Kolkata where he did his graduation, Mr Aggarwal brings to the table the right exposure and world view to make the G.D.Goenka Public School, Kanpur one of the leading schools in the country.