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1.No student will be allowed to sit for the annual\board examination unless all fee has been paid upto date. As per the CBSE directives all students of classes 6-12 need to log in at least 75% attendance in a given academic year to be considered eligible for the annual\board examination.

2.Withdrawal: One month's notice or payment of one month's fee is required prior to the withdrawal of a pupil. No transfer certificate will be issued until all dues to the school have been paid in full.

3.reduction is made in tuition fee and conveyance charges for absence or vacation.

4.All students must attend the school regularly and punctually. Continuous absence for a month or more without permission will make a student liable to be dropped off the rules.

5.Every endeavour will be made to ensure the safety and welfare of the children. However, the school shall not be held responsible for any claim arising of physical injuries due to accidents or any other ground.

6.School uniform is compulsory. Parents are requested to ensure that their children are neat and tidy when they come to school.

7.Bringing costly articles is not permitted.

8.It is compulsory for each student to go on educational tours organized class wise to various places. No excuse will be entertained from exemption for the same.

9.Birthday: Students are allowed to wear fancy dress on their birthday and may distribute only sweets to their classmates (Restricted to K.G section and Primary section only).

10.Participation in all sports activities is obligatory for every child.

11.P.T.A: Periodical parent teacher meeting will be arranged by the school every 4th Saturday.

12.If the parents feel that their children are not making the desired progress, they can contact the principal during the visiting hours with prior appointment. Visiting hours: 9-10 am.

Code Of Conduct

1. Each student should be neatly dressed up. The school uniform should be worn on all working days and for all school functions. Students who are not properly dressed or not in uniform will be marked in the uniform defaulter's record. Use of hair gel is not allowed.

2.All boys (except Sikhs) must keep their hair short. Girls must tie their hair neatly with a specified maroon band. Girls with long hair must make two plaits.

3.The students are expected to converse only in English while he/she is in the school premises. No student is allowed to use any language other than English in the school campus.

4.The students are required to be polite at all times and should not use indecent language or indulge in fights and quarrels with others in the school. Any behaviour likely to hurt others in the matter of language, religion, caste or community is strictly prohibited. At the same time, vulgarity in talk and behavior must be strictly avoided.

5.Each student must take care of the school property. No student should scratch or destroy school property, write or draw on the walls or cause damage in any way to any item belonging to the school or to others in the school. Any damage done will render the student liable for recovery of damages and fine.

6.Loitering aimlessly in corridors, running about or whistling is strictly prohibited. Students should regard the school as his/her second home and do everything possible to keep the classroom and the school premises neat and pleasing to the eye. All waste paper and other discardable material should be thrown in the dustbin.

7.Children are not allowed to bring/electronic gadgets to school. Mobile phones found with children will be confiscated and never returned. Also a fine of rupees five hundred will be taken from the child.

Instructions To Parents

1.Private tuitions are not encouraged. Our teachers are not allowed to give private tuitions to our pupils. Anyone who approaches school teachers for tuitions will do so at his/her own risk and be prepared for the consequences.

2.Early departure will not be granted.

3.Any change in the address and phone number must be notified to the school office in writing.

4.All belongings of the students should bear their name, class and scholar number.

5.It is compulsory for students to obtain a prior sanction for leave of absence by submitting application duly signed by their parents. In case a student proceeds on an unsanctioned leave for a period of two or more weeks in the middle of a term or immediate after a vacation; his/her name is liable to be struck off from the roll.

6.Students will not be allowed to park personal vehicles in the school premises. Therefore, kindly arrange to drop and pick your ward yourself or make them avail the school bus.

7.Parents are required to sign their ward's progress report or any other information when so required.

8.Parents should arrange to take their children home within 20 min. after the school is over.

9.Parents must ensure that their ward should not involve themselves with any anti-social elements or in any anti-social activity during their tenure in school .It is in their own interest and the interest of institution that they refrain from any indisciplinary behavior or else they are liable to be suspended or face a more severe action.

Leave Rules

1.Students must be regular and punctual in their attendance .Students should obtain prior permission from principal for not attending the classes or coming late to school for specific reasons.

2.All applications for leaves are to be signed by the parents. Application for leave on medical ground is to be supported by an authentic medical certificate.